How to Boil a Frog – Meet the Filmmaker (187)

pm187_575Filmmaker Jon Cooksey is one funny guy, even while presenting the most serious problems facing humanity. In this fast-paced conversation, he gallops all over the map with five big problems, five big solutions, and a playful and heartfelt approach. Wacky, sobering, full of animations, with Jon in dozens of personnas, “How to Boil a Frog” is a film to view and discuss with friends. Episode 187. [].

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  1. Wendy Webb says:

    LOVED the movie because it puts the symptoms/problems into a REAL perspective. It is empowering, because some solutions are suggested that I can implement myself, instead of changing a few light bulbs and generally feeling helpless to do more. Truly entertaining and therefore riveting in a way few documentaries are. The one movie EVERYONE should be watching… and not just once. Many thanks to Jon and his army of volunteers. Thanks to Peak Moment Television for having the wisdom to offer this great ‘behind the scenes’ interview.

  2. chad coburn says:

    That movie should be shown to all schools of all ages in the world as the future of civilization lies with the present. Education is key to changing our life bulbs.

  3. Great interview, Great movie! Jon brings the 5 problems and the 5 solutions down to a level that everyone can relate to and implement. We just have to change our Life Bulbs 🙂

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