How Much Food Can I Grow Around My House?

In summer 2006 Judy Alexander embarked on an experiment to see how much food she could grow, and how many neighbors could benefit, from the garden around her house. Check out her homegrown rainwater collection and irrigation system — watering her 60+ edible crops. Meet the bees, the chickens and the worms. And catch her joy in producing so much food for so little effort.


  1. Iselin Celestine says:

    Of all of your wonderful endeavors Judy, I think it is your humbleness that is so especially inviting…so pleasurable! For years I have longed to be living thus. Or, I would be most delighted to live/work in such a garden…and forego a house:) Thank you for sharing and inspiring.

  2. Thank you so much. What a wonderful glimpse into your bountiful urban food paradise. Your joy and energy and lightness of heart are a great inspiration!

  3. Well done on this experiment judy. Would love to try living like that myself!

  4. this is so awesome – congratulations judy.

    if anyone else wants to give this a try, there are great online gardening lessons at

    registration is free.

    dr.vandana shiva talks about the new economy – food is the first aspect of this.
    check out her little 2 minute video on growing food

    see you in the garden!

  5. Very inspiring, Judy. Thank you for sharing yourself with the community! Many blessings to you.


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