Gourmet Cooking for the Paleo Diet, part 2 — In Pauli’s Kitchen (237)

pm237_580You’ll wish you could taste this video! Longtime caterer Pauli Halstead makes her famous Magical Muhamara dip from her cookbook Primal Cuisine: Cooking for the Paleo Diet. Using toasted walnuts instead of chickpeas, she credits its authentic Middle Eastern flavor to a touch of pomegranate molasses. Noting that fat is what makes food taste good, she shows a rich array of healthy natural fats and oils like coconut, olive, and avocado. Meanwhile on the stovetop, she makes a batch of ghee (clarified butter) start to finish. According to Pauli, “Cravings come from a nutrient-deficient diet. Our body is going to continue to crave until we give it what it needs… The right vitamins and minerals—and nutritious fats.” For further information, check out Keto Food Chart – What to Eat & What to Avoid on the Lifestyle. Episode 237. [theprimalcuisine.com and www.facebook.com/PrimalCuisineCookingForThePaleoDiet]

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