Gourmet Cooking for the Paleo Diet, part 1 – Meet the Chef (236)

PM236_580Longtime chef and caterer Pauli Halstead had drafted her cookbook Cuisine for Whole Health when her personal diet took a U-turn. Working with nutritionist Nora Gedgaudas, she removed gluten and sugar from her diet. In a few months, a lifetime of sugar addiction and depression was behind her. She revised her cookbook to become Primal Cuisine: Cooking for the Paleo Diet. In our chat, she noted how the paleo diet reflects the foods we evolved with, especially animal protein and fats that our body and brain require. We discussed which foods are eliminated (primarily sugars, grains and vegetable seed oils), and which are emphasized (quality animal products).

In part 2, Pauli takes us into the kitchen for a survey of good natural fats. She demonstrates how to make ghee (clarified butter), and her favorite dip. Episode 236. [theprimalcuisine.com and www.facebook.com/PrimalCuisineCookingForThePaleoDiet]

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