Climate Change and Fukushima – Radio Ecoshock Paints the Big Picture (251)


Two ongoing environmental events are affecting all life on the planet, even if it’s not yet noticeable where you live. Alex Smith of Radio Ecoshock is watching climate change and Fukushima very closely. In this program, he summarizes the latest reports and predictions. Extreme weather events are increasing and worsening. Ocean dead zones are growing. Methane from melting permafrost is warming the atmosphere faster than carbon dioxide.

The Fukushima nuclear site has already increased airborne radioactivity in the northern hemisphere. Ocean-borne radioactivity will be hitting the North American west coast by 2014. And no one knows what to do about it. But Alex has ideas on how we can respond individually and positively. Episode 251.[].

Our conversation was podcast on RadioEcoshock in high and low quality. The show also includes an interview with a researcher studying U.S. economic vulnerabilities to peak oil. Alex also sent a video clip with David Suzuki on Fukushima—as emphatic as we’ve heard Suzuki.

Watch videoAudio | iTunes | Janaia’s journal: Climate Change and Fukushima: Radio EcoShock meets Peak Moment TV


  1. Susie Wegernoski says:

    I’m so happy that I discovered how to download your podcasts on my iPhone. Thank you for the continued inspiration.

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