Baked in Telluride: Making Dough in a Tough Economy (151)

pm151_580Biting into a fresh-baked cookie from “Baked in Telluride” is a double treat — a yummy goody that also supports a local independent business. Owner Jerry Greene has been going “green” for decades before it became fashionable. He shares the challenges of running an independent business in a tourist town while competing with bakeries thousands of miles away. While a town councilor, Jerry helped shape projects like affordable public housing and public transportation. Episode 151.

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  1. Iselin Celestine says:

    Laughing. Janaia, you are a charmer–a genuine and engaging one. At the end of this conversation, you ask a relevant question with regard to how much of the local community is served by businesses. This and much of the interchange between you and your guest reminds me that, over time, we humans have developed an economic system that serves itself rather than ourselves as people as well as the earth’s other inhabitants. Sadly, throughout history, we humans seem inherently susceptible to the burgeoning tendency towards acquisition of more money, more material things, more reputation (standard of living, position in society), more exploitation of natural resources, and more specialization and governmental regulation. It seems to me that until we are compelled to question the very foundations of our thinking and subsequent ways of living, we are unlikely to do anything significantly different. Thankfully, your and Robin’s work and that of many others is providing us with the impetus (to) question.

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