A Primal Diet for Modern Times, part 2 (261)

pm261_560Is our ancestors’ hunter-gatherer diet the best for optimal health and longevity, in our stress- and pollution-filled world? Not entirely, says Nora Gedgaudas, author of Primal Body, Primal Mind. She advocates a ketogenic diet, where fats are the primary fuel source rather than carbohydrates — moderate protein (from grass-fed or wild caught animals), very low starch and natural sugars, plentiful fibrous green vegetables, generous natural fats, and no vegetable oils. “Once [our ancestors] adopted ketones as a primary source of fuel, our cerebral blood flow and oxygenation increased by over 39% in normal human brains.” Returning to a ketogenic diet improves brain function and can help treat or even prevent diabetes and Alzheimers. Episode 261. [primalbody-primalmind.com]

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  1. yes the latest fad is from the brain needs perspective however this too came from a disease to fix viewpoint ..which in terms of basic American diets is a duh set point ..almost any healthy change will improve over all health. As for animal protein ok if and when we get past the shadow of agri biz for profit model that actually causes the scarcity issues, pushed unhealthy growth models and decided animals were as commodities..really?. The anthropomorphic egotist in the species is running rampant and as it bullies it way through ever more sectors it creates ever more damage . This is not becoming.
    What if it became cool to join “sum knowledge” meta discipline, wisdom councils where paradigm changing discussions can rally up some new actions. Using the ideas gleaned from product lifecycle studies where whole systems are queried from an all for one and one for all “motive” i think we will be designing responsible generative economic experiments.
    This is about co-creative energy that aligns with nature and surpasses the fixation of procreative belief systems. Anyway this is a small bit of what is propelling a reFashion Hub in Seattle. The hub is looking at undervalued resources, reaching across organizations to build bonds, relationships and to figure out a path to generate an economic construct that aligns with our potential selves, agrees to flattened hierarchies to enable a free-er flow of ideas, talents and skills.

    • Deborah, I think our diets and business, like your reFashion Hub, need to take the lead from the nature, in which nothing is wasted. Everything is used. 99.9% of our ancestry as hunter-gatherers followed nature’s patterns – and ate primarily animals after the ice ages. A paleo-like diet is what the body evolved with, so returning to that pattern puts us more closely in harmony with nature. And of course that doesn’t mean animal confinement food factories or agri-business that treats animals like commodities — those have to go!

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