Cooking Primal Cuisine with Chef Pauli Halstead

April 16, 2013. Today we enjoyed taping and tasting a Peak Moment show with Pauli Halstead, author of Primal Cuisine: Cooking for the Paleo Diet. We met Pauli last fall 2012 at my talk on our ketogenic diet, Celebrating a Lighter, Leaner Janaia. Later she invited us to … [Read more...]

Whaddya Mean, Eat Fat to Lose Fat?

The responses to my presentation on our very low carbohydrate diet and my blog Celebrating a Lighter, Leaner Janaia share one outstanding feature: many people don't seem to GET what our eating pattern is and isn't. This diet isn't about protein. (Yes, you need moderate … [Read more...]

The Wood Wenches Celebrate Lighter Bodies

October 2012. An unseasonally-cold winter storm last week brought the first local tornado we're aware of. As it moved east, the storm joined two other fronts to form the historic cyclone Sandy. All are in-our-face manifestations of increasing climate change. Denial should be … [Read more...]

Celebrating a Lighter, Leaner Janaia

I lost forty pounds in five months. That weight has stayed off for over a year without struggle. I'm absolutely tickled. My tail is wagging. I have the body I longed for since I was a teenager. I feel lithe and young, I have lots of energy, I'm dancing inside and out. I … [Read more...]

The Vegetarian Myth (191)

What we eat is destroying both our bodies and the planet, according to author Lierre Keith, a recovering twenty-year vegan and author of The Vegetarian Myth. While she passionately opposes factory farming of animals, she maintains that humans require nutrient-dense animal … [Read more...]

Reclaiming Childbirth (190)

Why does industrial culture consider this natural event a medical problem? People in the radical birth movement want to broaden the conversation about options for families giving birth. Squat Birth Journal co-editors Jaydee Sperry, Meghan Guthrie, and Danny Scar want … [Read more...]

Eating to Save the Earth

February 19-20, 2011. We came to the Bay area on Saturday to view the San Francisco premiere of "END:CIV" a documentary by Franklin Lopez based on Derrick Jensen's monumental book Endgame. We had taped a conversation with Derrick in December 2010 (to be produced), and found … [Read more...]

Cooking with your Neighbors at Wallingford Community Kitchen

September 24, 2010. This evening we taped footage at the Sustainable Wallingford Community Kitchen in Seattle. This is not a place, it's a monthly event run by volunteers. People from the neighborhood gather to prepare food, cook the dishes, and sit down to eat the … [Read more...]

Broadening the Conversation about Childbirth

A conversation with three co-editors of Squat Birth Journal wasn't on my original taping schedule. But when they contacted me, I thought it'd be a great topic for a show. Natural child birth, birthing without interventions and drugs, is about as sustainable an alternative … [Read more...]

Sustaining Food, Sustainable Food

Shan Kendall discusses nutrition-dense foods that nourished traditional peoples. Usually high in quality animal fats, with fermented foods to aid digestion, these foods fostered low levels of chronic disease. Shan cooks and teaches based on the principles in Nourishing … [Read more...]