YES! Ready for Anything (184)

pm184_581“An awful lot of what we’ve taken for granted about the future can’t continue,” says executive editor Sarah van Gelder of YES! Magazine, whose Fall 2010 issue is about people creatively building resilient families and communities. Publisher Fran Korten (at left in photo) describes local food as an important avenue into a much larger vision of what we can become. Fran and Sarah discuss  sources of real happiness that don’t destroy the planet, an upcoming issue of YES! Magazine on families, their weekly “YES! This Week” e-newsletter, and the YES! emphasis on helping people see possibilities and take action on positive initiatives. Get a free trial issue of the quarterly magazine on their website, Episode 184.

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  1. Audrey Irvine says:

    What a wonderful interview. Thank you Janaia! I have subscribed to YES for a number of years and am a devotee. It was wonderful to get to see the folks I love so much.


    P.S. I have also been following your Peak Moment videos. You make such a difference in our lives not only showing us the way but inspiring us when we dispaire of things changing. Much love to you both.

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