We Make the Road by Walking – White Oak Farm CSA


Amidst cob-wall plastering in the background, co-director Stacey Denton relays the story of the first years at White Oak Farm and Educational Center in Oregon: Acquiring the 62 acres of food and pasture and protecting it through conservation easements, and creating a non-profit organization. See food baskets for their CSA (community supported agriculture) program, visit their abundant permaculture-based farm; attend a workshop in natural building; and delight with kids in an educational program “down on the farm.” Episode 111. [www.whiteoakfarmcsa.org]

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  1. Iselin Celestine says:

    Once again…wow! Stacey is remarkably self-assured (yet humble) and almost matter-of-fact as she describes the path she has taken to become one of the caretakers of this working farm. Her life experience, thus far, seems more extensive than that of many elders. With a pang it occurred to me–how I wish everyone (including myself) had or would have the opportunity to become involved in such work and subsequent self-discovery. Seniors, children living in inner cities, suburban teenagers. Might many of us find, previously unrealized, that living in this way would bring us the greatest joy and openness of being??

    My hope is that even more members of my generation (50’s and beyond) will come together to share such community and endeavor–as well as younger people. I understand and appreciate the intention to keep such communities small. Yet I wonder if this will be possible with land that involves more acreage and with continued population growth and social, environmental, and economic changes?

    Reading the second response, I am reminded of how representative of the current “cultural story” our thinking has become. We humans have a long way to go to realize that life does not have to fit into a monetary framework. Only the limits of our thinking would dictate so?

    This conversation as well as Stuart’s point also brought a reminder. Ever since reading the novel “Ecotopia,” I have thought of it as a handbook that we could literally pick up and start living tomorrow–if we had the collective will.

    Thank you for a particularly inspiring Peak Moment!

  2. robert hothan says:

    great show!
    white oak is a nonprofit entity, i.e. some call it “welfare” and not paying it’s fare share of taxes.

    My business is a for profit entity and has to pay it’s taxes, and also unable to receive grants and donations.

    I would love to see a for profit farm, do what white oak does and be sustainable.


  3. Stuart M. says:

    Thank you for a very interesting report on the White Oak Farm. There are many post-Peak Oil, post-collapse novels out on the market right now (Iwish I could get my hands on some!). These include: “Long Voyage Back” by Luke Reinhardt, “Into the Forest” by Jean Heglund, “World Made by Hand” by James Kunstler, “Road” by Cormac McCarthy, and another I only have the title for, “Lucifer’s Hammer.” The reviewers all say we will definitely need a specific skill that is useful in the post-collapse era. Being an investment banker won’t get you much in such a world.

    The White Oak Farm and other such schools are our chance to pick up some useful skills, before it is too late.

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