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A vocal proponent of going local, Dave Smith co-founded the Briarpatch Cooperative Market, co-founded “Smith & Hawken” and now owns a book store he can walk to. His book To Be Of Use: The Seven Seeds of Meaningful Work honors “creative action heroes” who meet real needs rather than just desires. He suggests judging others not by their stated values but by their virtues —their character and actions. [,]

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  1. Iselin Celestine says:

    Laughter. “Dust those off!” Thank you both for seeking to revive Prudence and Temperance. And – direct public offering? Hopefully, this choice will soon become far more widespread.

  2. Such a heart warming role model for all of us. If we all start contributing in our own way who knows what our TRUE wealth would be:-)

  3. Dear Dave, Thanks for a great interview. I just finished watching it. You are truly a visionary of our times but it seems to me that what makes you unique–at least from my point of view–is your focus on what is practical and doable and necessary. And that includes paying a lot of attention to what is “appropriate” in terms of the broadest needs of our planet and our humanity. What impresses me most about your comments is that you frame “appropriate action” in terms of also satisfying our very human and individual needs–such as the need to express our personal creativity, our need to feel we are making a contribution that will benefit not only ourselves but those who come after us, and recognizing that there is a higher purpose than having more toys than the rest of the boys and girls. I love your theme that you label “being of use” because of the very broad and deep implications you reveal, of creating a world that cares and that is spiritually and emotionally and in every way fulfilling. Bravo, Dave. You are a true inspiration.
    Hal Zina Bennett

  4. Hello mb,

    I had just discovered that the interview I did months ago had been posted, then saw your note at the bottom. Thanks so much for you taking the time to comment. I sincerely hope you can find a job, as I said in the interview, that you are good at, that you can be passionate about, and that serves your community and all of us. My best to you.

    Dave Smith

  5. wordxword says:

    I found Dave Smith’s interview to be very heartening at this moment three weeks into the loss of a job, and a “person of age” (55). The broad perspective he presents (and I assume are more articulated in his book), give me some hope. I don’t want to be a commodity in the workplace, but to be of service “To be of Use” in my community.

    Good interview, engaged me for the full the full time.



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