Titanic Lifeboat Academy — Navigating a Path to Resilience (216)

Caren Black and Christopher Paddon couldn’t find mentors to teach them self-reliant living when they became aware of peak oil. So they created a homestead and opened their doors to training others. People can take a personalized Lifeboat Course online or in person, where hands-on learning includes food production with domestic animals and gardens, renewable energy, and carpentry skills. “We’re all in this together,” Christopher notes, so the couple educate, volunteer and share to also make their community more resilient. Episode 216. [titaniclifeboatacademy.org]

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  1. So many (many) pithy realizations, points, and reminders presented by Caren and Christopher. In the last two years, have considered Astoria as a living locale – had no idea with regard to this life endeavor. You continue to be such a blessing, Richard H.! One particular mention by Caren that I oft think about – how different (as well as similar) will be the experiences of each of us as resources become less available/the effects of cumulative human activity become more apparent. Environmental, economic, community and family-related, that related to psyche… What Johnny describes is so heartening, so enviable. There is no reason why this cannot be the norm – if we create it to be so. If enough of us agree that it (should) be so. Yet another inspiring approach…thank you!

  2. Janaia,

    Love Peak Moment and love this segment in particular. What charming people.

    While I’m here in the Ukraine I’m taking special notice of the fact that nearly everyone has a dacha (modest hand-built no-mortgage country house) not too far from the city where they keep a big garden and some farm animals, etc. The dachas are organized in small villages too, not off in an isolated patch of woods. This arrangement goes back a long way in the local culture. Very Dimitri Orlov. These dacha are in striking contrast to the “abundance” promised by nearby Chernobyl.

    – Johnny

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