The Worm Guy

pm58_580Watch a worm birth from a cocoon. See compost produced from food scraps, horse manure, and lots of worms. See the machine that separates castings (worm poop) from compost. The Worm Guy, Mark Yelken, says that worms are “the intestines of the Earth”, fertilizing and activating microbial activity. Stick around to learn about the “Worm Wigwam” and “Worm Tea”. Episode 58. []

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  1. Iselin Celestine says:

    Not only is this an impressive and admirable endeavor, it is indeed an excellent model for other communities and similarly-minded entrepreneurial persons. Laughing. What wonderfully squiggly script on the Worm Guy t-shirt! It is further exciting to see multiple shows as one may well involve an element of another. As mentioned here by Mark: the Green Seed Grant from Sustainable Vashon that allowed for the purchase of this neighborhood Worm Wigwam. Thank you for yet another inspiring show.

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