Sustainable Bellingham – Grass Roots Organizing is Key

pm108_600Sustainable Bellingham has built a solid infrastructure to be as effective in their community as possible. Team members Sandy Hoelterhoff, Lynnette Allen and David Kowalsky discuss their decision-making tool QET (a Quick Effective Tool), as well as a natural-systems model to define roles for producing events. Called ACORN, it includes roles based on directions of the compass (e.g., physical logistics tasks are in the south, oversight in the north). With a mission of education and communication, they network people, projects and groups with similar interests. Among Sustainable Bellingham ‘s activities are film showings and a Sustainable Transportation Fair. Episode 108. []

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  1. Iselin Celestine says:

    I appreciate the multi-generational presence with regard to these Sustainable Bellingham team members. I further perceive a sense of appreciation – as well as respect – for/by these members. Most encouraging when thinking about the potential within a community for growing Peak oil/sustainable living awareness and action. Oh, it is frustrating. Three years after this show was posted…and the latter is still so. Yet, while I was already “living” this realization to a significant extent – even many years ago – I did not become aware of “Peak oil” itself until the last year or so. Thus, thank you Sustainable Bellingham, Janaia and Robyn, and so many other persons and groups who/that are endeavoring to help (all) of us become aware of this reality.

  2. Has anyone been tracking the effects of global waring on their garden? I have seen less birds visiting, more of the worng sorts of insects – notably less bees. As well as this a lot more wind and considerably less rain.

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