Soccer Mom Prepares for the Unexpected (203)

 “I have a ball preserving food with my friends!” And at the same time Kathy Harrison is making sure her kids can eat if storms knock out power or roads. The author of Just in Case: How to Be Self Sufficient when The Unexpected Happens gives practical tips on storing food without getting overwhelmed. She looks at dehydrating, canning, and root cellaring; finding and preserving local food, and buying food at discount. For Kathy, preparedness is an empowering, community activity. Episode 203. []

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  1. Iselin Celestine says:

    Kathy offers wonderful practical ideas (in steps that are possible for the “average” person) and makes community-building seem so doable as well – the spirit of which is echoed in Stuart’s comment. Ever-more-timely everyone – let us heed.

  2. I don’t know much about preserving, but the connection between growing community and growing vegetables is very strong. Here in Japan, gift giving/sharing is very important. I grew 25 kohlrabis this summer and only ate about 5 of them, the rest were all given away to friends. Giving food as a gift is practically free, if you grow it, and yet it communicates to the recipient, “Here, enjoy this fresh, healthy food (that I put so much effort into growing because I care about your family).”

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