Smart Choices for Meeting the Coming Bust, part 2 (254)

“How do we cooperate and build a collaborative culture now?” asks Laurence Boomert, founder of The Bank of Real Solutions in New Zealand. Local currencies, barter cards, and Time Banks not only create alternatives when money systems collapse, they allow people to get entrepreneurial and innovative. He gives examples of people sharing physical spaces equipped with tools and project materials, as well as people sharing their time.

One example is a story of idle young people doing weekly projects, even taking wheelchair-bound folks for a day of surfing! Everyone was a winner, feeling good about themselves and more connected to their community.

“It’s vital to get young people involved,” concurs his colleague Nicole Foss, senior editor of The Automatic Earth, “No more throw-away people.” They both view the resource and money crises as an opportunity to move out of the “sick” existing system and into the healthier, happier world we want to live in. Episode 254.

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