What Goes Around Comes Around at the Bicycle ReCyclery (295)

PM295_640Behind us, people of all ages are fixing and assembling bikes. It’s shop day at the Jefferson County (Washington) ReCyclery. Founder Chauncey Tudhope-Locklear and Board President Kees Kolff explain how opportunities exploded when the Recylery became a non-profit organization. There’s a youth Earn-a-Bike program where kids can volunteer a number of hours and then build their own bike from donated parts. The Borrow-a-Bike program lets anyone pay what they can afford to borrow a bike, helmet and lock. The ReCyclery partnered with the school district to offer a “Step On It” campaign in the schools to promote safe walking and biking, and leads two mountain bike teams for young people. Chauncey advises “For anyone who has a dream that can benefit their community — breathe life into it…. It only takes one person to start something that has far-reaching influence.” Chauncey has done just that. Episode 295. [PTRecyclery.com]

Watch Changing the World One Bike Rider at a Time, our 2006 visit to the ReCyclery.

Watch video | Audio | iTunes | Janaia’s journal: At the ReCyclery, What Goes Around Comes Around

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