Seeking the Happy Story, part 1 – But What Do You Feel? (233)

pm233_580We live in a culture that wants only the upbeat response, the story with the happy ending. We marginalize people who express anger or grief about the impossible predicament we’re in — societal and ecological collapse. Clinical psychologist Kathy “Peak Shrink” McMahon, uses empathy and humor to encourage people to really feel their emotions about having their worldview shattered. She responds to the myth that technology will save us, explains why politicians won’t talk about the predicament, and supports people to see what’s going on in spite of the cultural denial. Episode 233. []

In part 2, Reality Ain’t What You Believe, Kathy talks about responding to the predicament. “Reality is what keeps going on when you stop believing in it… If the train is coming on and you say, I don’t believe it, it’s still gonna hit you.”

Also watch Kathy McMahon in Peak Oil Blues – We’re All Bozos on this Bus (Episode 199) and Seeking the Happy Story (part 2) – Reality Ain’t What You Believe (episode 234).

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