Return of the Electric Car

pm52_600Otmar Ebenhoech has worked with electric vehicles for decades, watching as popular commercial EVs were developed, then recalled when their legal mandate was overturned. He sees improved battery technologies as the catalyst to enable widespread acceptance of EV’s. Peek under the hood and watch a test drive of his hot electric Porsche race car conversion (0-60 in less than 5 seconds!). Episode 52. []

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  1. I agree, it would make a lot of sense for GM to revive its Electric Cars (crushed, as they showed in “Who Killed the Electric Car?” Same for Ford. Perhaps Big Oil is leaning on them to stay out of electric cars? By their bankruptcy we know they made bad decisions (to keep those hummers and SUVs and big cars rolling out). Whether they can turn the ship — we’ll see.

  2. By the way I am just wondering considering GM is nearing its doom its investing a lot on Electric Cars , Reminds me of a Documentary called Who Killed the Electric Car


  1. […] Way for Bikes” (#88). Get a tour of Otmar Ebenhoech’s electric vehicle conversion in “Return of the Electric Car” […]

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