Reconnecting with Our Roots – Food for Body and Soul

pm96_580Linda Buzzell-Saltzman and Larry Saltzman of Santa Barbara share a love for their garden in more ways than one. Larry is creating a lush food forest and teaches permaculture to promote local food security. Ecotherapist Linda helps people heal their relationship with nature, noting that many problems are rooted in this disconnection. Episode 96. []

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  1. This is a terrific, natural interview. One point I noticed, at about minute 23:00 they talk about how people in older, successful cultures had a strong habit of sharing their food or baskets or whatever they had. That reminded me of learning of the potlatch tradition of the northwest Native Americans. The concept, as I understood it when visiting their museum (in Trees of Mystery park) was that the person who could GIVE AWAY the most, was considered the leader and the richest. They would compete to give away the most. This practice was prohibited by the American government! Perhaps it was anti-capitalist; but it does sound pro-human. There is much to learn in re-aligning our society to be sustainable.

  2. Ruth Berliner says:

    Wonderful piece, I so enjoyed this conversation.

    My wheels are turning. Do you have someone to partner your distribution while you travel? It would be wonderful to be connected with what you do.
    I’m not raising my hand, but know people I think would do this well…

    Thank you !

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