Preparing Emotionally for the Coming Chaos (225)

pm225_640“The external growth of a budding economy is over. The focus on growth now needs to be on the inner world.” Carolyn Baker’s Navigating the Coming Chaos is a toolkit to prepare emotionally and spiritually for the collapse of industrial civilization now underway. First build an “internal bunker,” she suggests, to begin healing the fear, grief and despair that immobilize many people in our “culture of numbness.” From that foundation, she invites us to look at who our allies are —people, places, possessions. Carolyn observes that many people experience a level of joy by doing this work. Episode 225. []

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  1. Janaia, Robyn and Carolyn,

    Thanks for another great show. Two comments:

    First, I personally find it most effective to resolve my inner angst about Peak Oil, etc. by doing “good works” like storing food and water, planting a big garden, paying down debt, reskilling, and working to form stronger ties with the people around me. I just prefer to work from the outside in.

    This leads to my second comment – I see different generations bringing specific strengths and weaknesses to the table. I’m a member of Gen X (age 45) and tend to be a bit of a Philistine. I just don’t respond to the touchy feelly stuff. Baby Boomers tend to be more comfortable exploring the inner rhelm. Both approaches are needed as neither will do the job alone.

    Keep up the great work!

    – Johnny in San Francisco

  2. My two favorite “collapse divas” together. You are both jewels of a resource during this time. Bravo!

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