Portable House, Simple Life (197)

pm197_640Embarrassed by her middle class affluence after a visit to Guatemala, Dee Williams grabbed her hammer, built a tiny house on wheels, downsized to less than 400 possessions, and parked her house in a friend’s yard. Her living arrangement then blossomed into a multi-generational family / community. Dee shows us her warm and comfy 7×12 foot house, how she meets city codes, and some unusual ways this life has affected her.

Her advice to wannabe tiny home builders: Take on the experiment. Just do it! Episode 197. [http://portlandalternativedwellings.com]

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  1. Lee Bones says:

    I’ve seen many small house videos before, but this interview Dee Williams was just what I needed to hear. I feel as she does about middle class affluence. In fact, I purchased a small trailer earlier this year to build a tiny home on, but I stalled and didn’t get started. This video has inspired me to take action and build the tiny home on the trailer. Thank you! Oh, and I’m in Austin, TX.

  2. This is wonderful. Dee was the very first person I ever saw that lives in a tiny home. She inspired us to build one, and we have no regrets. It has been the best experience for us as a family, opening up dialogue with our son about how our life choices we make every day have a direct and huge impact in our own lives, AND our neighbor. It is not what you do not have, focus on what you DO have.

    Thank you both.

  3. Nick Cooper says:

    Nice interview! There are many of us doing this in Far West Texas with a twist, we are mostly offgrid.

  4. Iselin Celestine says:

    Smiling. We are kindred spirits Dee – in philosophy, in practice. I have rarely ‘met’ another person who has put as much thought into all of this as you/I have. I greatly appreciate your openness, willingness, to be so forthcoming about your thinking and choices – your recognitions and reasons. I continually barrage the people I am closest to (not so many at this time) with PM episodes, edible food forest garden models, and other inspiring examples of different ways of living – such as yours. I hope that these are making even a bit of impact. It is a challenge to question and depart from the status quo – for all of the reasons that you mention. But you are right – it is simply a matter of choice based on much ongoing reflection. I saw a previous feature about you and your beautiful little house that was done years ago. What a delight to see this updated one as well. Again, thank you for being willing to share all of this. And smiling also about the ambiguity of building codes, etc. Can it be much longer before these are pronouncedly affected by economic and societal changes? I think not. Further, even as I appreciate the aspect of property values, what about the ever-increasing rate of home foreclosures? I realize that the last are not uniformly occurring in all areas. Yet, how interesting it will be to see a potential hastening of change regarding existing living practices in the next few years. Wonderful conversation Janaia and Robyn!

  5. Antonio & Villa Campos says:

    “Stuff is a huge distraction to your character…”

    LOVE THIS! We so agree. 😉 Very inspiring video – thank you!


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