Planting the Seeds for a New Society (207)

“We’re a conduit and a packager of important cutting edge material that people need to do the work that they’re engaged in.” Judith Plant and the New Society Publishers (NSP) team are social change agents bringing emerging ideas and authors to the forefront. They converse about the need for women’s voices in social change; rootedness in place, and how their boots-on-the-ground, solution-oriented books are antidotes to fear. They deliberately go out to talk to their readers. Hearing what they want, then search for authors to address topics readers are asking for. Episode 207. [].

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  1. Jennifiir-Lourre says:

    How I relate to Jean’s mention of our choices regarding material things. For me, this has come to involve virtually every life choice as well. More awareness certainly begets more awareness. And due to the last, it is hardly possible to make even the smallest life choice without weighing such considerations anymore. Thus, my excessive water usage or use of small plastic bags for herbs results in inner discomfort. At the same time, the choice to walk everywhere, to live without most material things, to often use cold water instead of warm…these bring more inner ease. I now find it impossible to live life without such ongoing inner reflection. What a wonderfully supportive community these women share with one another – that reverberates out to all of we humans who care about the same issues, the same elements of life and living.

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