Learning Outside the Box — Homeschooling with Heart (336)

“I don’t know if you can teach creativity…it’s some connection within ourselves,” says Mark Mendonca. “Wherever those ideas come from, it’s not taught. So you have to allow it. That’s our philosophy in terms of their education: finding their interests and allowing these things to happen… I know that when I watch a child, they’re incredibly curious, creative…” As performing artists themselves, dancers Veronica and Mark exemplify the unteachable magic of creativity. Wanting to nurture this in twins Kaoli and Maceo, they decided to homeschool rather than pressure them with the stresses of school. How has the twins’ creativity been expressed? We’ve included their 2013 video “Summer” (all their own music, lyrics, acting, dance, and videography). Where has it evolved? Maceo’s 2018 video “Quick” is one example. Enjoy!

Watch video | Audio | Janaia’s journal: It Started with a Serendipitous Meeting

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