Peak Oil and Its Effect on Climate Change (132)


pm132_640ASPO-USAThe peak oil message is slow to gain acceptance, says energy analyst Randy Udall, because it’s at odds with our optimistic It’s-Morning-in-America mentality. Politicians “Don’t Do Depletion.” Randy describes challenges, mitigations, and exciting opportunities to create a prosperous path to a lower-energy future. In an excerpt from his presentation at the Association for the Study of Peak Oil (ASPO-USA) conference in September 2008, the co-founder of ASPO-USA points out cornucopian myths about energy that are being shattered by reality. His concern is that the peak oil crisis, while less known than the climate crisis, will impact us sooner, and is not being factored into climate policy decisions, Ironically, it may well make resolution of the climate crisis easier. Episode 132. []

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  1. Tom,
    There are other folks on your wavelength in your town! I just did a Google search on Peak Oil Columbus and found:

    Central Ohio Relocalization Effort (CORE) representatives and other oil aware citizens prepared a Peak Oil Resolution for the city of Columbus (

    Also contact Community Solutions in Yellow Springs, Ohio ( They just had a conference focused on local solutions — building food security, building community support networks, and much more. This is their 5th yearly conference.

    I hope you get involved. We need all hands on deck! Thanks for asking~


  2. How can I further this cause in my community, Columbus Ohio?

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