Living with the Predicament (235)

pm235_569Janaia’s the guest this time! She tells host Ivey Cone: “This is not a problem. A problem can be solved. This is a predicament. We can’t solve our way out of this one, with technology or any other mythic fix. It’s something we have to live with.”

She sees multiple collapses happening simultaneously: the American empire, industrial civilization, and planetary ecosystems – especially rapidly accelerating climate change. After sharing a few ideas on how we might respond personally, she closes with heartfelt tips from the author of “Practice random kindness and senseless acts of beauty.” Episode 235. []

The art in the background is Janaia’s “We Live Here?” an expression of awe at witnessing a rare circumzenithal arc and sundogs in the Lone Bobcat Woods Meadow in October 2002. See also We Live Here? – My painting in an international show.

Watch videoAudio | iTunes | Janaia’s journal: Living with the Predicament – Ivey and Me


  1. Scott Kruse says:

    We substitute oil for knowledge. Time to apply the knowledge.

  2. Thank-you Ivey & Janaia for opening up in that inspired conversation. I know that grief and sometimes I start to cry and I just let go. But after a while it goes away and I feel much better. But I never think about quitting.
    Guy McPherson said he’s always asked by people after a talk: “If people think that their worlds going to end won’t they behave like hedonists?” Like any good stand-up comic he has an answer: “How would that be any different than people are behaving already?”
    Guy McPherson and I will be taking the film “Somewhere In New Mexico Before The End Of Time” through the Pacific North west. I’m posting about it on Nature Bats Last this week. Mike Sosebee


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