Living Tiny, Finding Community (256)


When we met Logan Smith and Tammy Strobel in A Young Couple Find Freedom in Simple Living, they’d already gotten out of debt and simplified their lives. (Tammy’s book You Can Buy Happiness (and It’s Cheap) recounts how they did it.) Fulfilling a long-held dream, they’re now homeowners—of a tiny house. It’s affordable and mobile.

In Logan’s tour, visit the galley kitchen with alcohol cookstove—a safe, cheap, portable fuel. Opposite is the composting toilet and shower, and above is a sleeping loft. Spaciousness in the multi-use great room is magnified by skylights and sunshine streaming through French doors. “Have House, Can Travel” could be their motto, but for now they’re planting themselves in their new community’s life. Episode 256.[ and]

Watch video |Audio | iTunes | Janaia’s journal: Simple Living Enables Dreams – A Tiny House Tour


  1. tiny houses are growing to monstrous sizes (in popularity, that is). woo hoo! see this article: A hotel hooks up to the tiny houses trend, campfire included:

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