Land Trusts – Keeping Local Agriculture Alive


Land trusts are an important part of the voluntary protection of working agricultural lands, which can also protect water quality, habitat, and beauty, not to mention food production expertise. Land trust veterans Cheryl Belcher and Dan Macon, himself a farmer, discuss the critical role of small scale food producers in the local economy and the challenges they face — from misperceptions of farming to policies favoring big agriculture. Episode 50. []

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  1. Iselin Celestine says:

    As challenging as the effort seems in moments, I continue to share links to these wonderfully informative shows with others. My hope is that increasingly more of us, and sooner rather than later, will come to realize how crucial the issue of food supply is becoming. Further, that others will find similar inspiration (to mine) in the enthusiasm of and meaningful work that people such as Cheryl and Dan are doing. Their energy and commitment are truly uplifting.

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