Human-Powered Machines – Can Pedals Power the World? (221)

pm221_580Jump on that bike and power up the blender for your morning smoothie! Matthew Corson-Finnerty shows several machines he has developed while at Aprovecho Center in Oregon. Watch us pedal power an electricity generator, a grain mill, a blender, and a straw-chopper. Matthew notes there’s “considerable difference between the power that one person can generate, and [what’s] generated by a fossil fuel engine or a coal-fired plant to provide electricity.” After watching these machines, what do you think? Episode 221. []

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  1. What a caring, earnest, enthusiastic, and well-spoken young man is Matthew. And what noteworthy work he is doing on the most simple of “human scale.” In utter appreciation that you have found a worthy use of the exercise equipment that so many people were well-intended in purchasing…but not using. I found it ironic and almost hysterically-ludicrous, in a sense, that – here we are returning to machinery of the past/early innovation(s). Yet, how effectual these devices are even at this stage in their design/implementation. And, more irony – already they resemble the far more durable and well-constructed devices of previous eras that many of us have remembered with nostalgic longing? Superb, Matthew!

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