How the West Has Won (200)

“Is the world a better place because you were born?” asks author Derrick Jensen. He contrasts sustainable indigenous cultures who enrich their habitat with the current “dominant culture destroying everything.” He explores how industrial civilization is inherently violent, turning people into objects and the earth into stuff. His books include A Language Older Than Words, The Culture of Make Believe, What We Leave Behind and Endgame. Episode 200. []

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  1. Friends, we’re glad you’re eager to hear part II — but not for awhile. It was recorded with part 1, but part 2 still needs to be edited.

  2. Some people asked for the second part already – I also would like to hear it. Would the current break not be a good opportunity to broadcast it, given that it was recorded and edited at the same time as the first part?

  3. Ed Adamthwaite says:

    I’m just being a little picky. “Decimate” does not mean to kill 9 out of 10 as Derrick says early in the interview. It is the inverse, to kill 1 out of 10. The term comes from early Rome, where armies that showed cowardice in front of the enemy were later forced to draw lots. The other nine from each 10 were forced to kill the unlucky soldier that lost.
    Please don’t let that small error detract from his message. In intent he is right on target.

  4. A movement is growing based on the book, co-authored by Derrick Jensen, called Deep Green Resistance: Strategy to Save the Planet. Deep Green Resistance has a plan of action for anyone determined to fight for this planet-and win. If you’ve ever been inspired by Derrick’s work, then here’s where the solutions are. The time for action is now. Now this war has two sides…

    98% of the old growth forests are gone. 99% of of the prairies are gone. 80% of the rivers on this planet do not support life anymore. We are out of species, we are out soil, and we are out of time. And what we are being told by most of the environmental movement is that the way to stop all of this is through personal consumer choices. It’s time for a real strategy that truly addresses the scope of our predicament.

    Where is your threshold for resistance? To take only one variable out of hundreds: Ninety percent of the large fish in the oceans are already gone. Is it 91 percent? 92? 93? 94? Would you wait till they had killed off 95 percent? 96? 97? 98? 99? How about 100 percent? Would you fight back then?

    Good people have stayed silent for too long. We’re tired of ineffective, symbolic acts – piecemeal, reactive, and sad. Now our despair and anger can be matched by an even deeper joy, beyond compare, the joy of beginning to fight back, effectively. We are pleased to announce the formation of DGR Action Groups worldwide. Take the first step and join the resistance.

    Learn more about the strategy, find groups that have formed near you, or find out how to start your own group at:

  5. May I ask when the second part is released?

  6. @ Stuart

    A reciprocal relationship where you listen to their needs and you both work together to help each other. Did they eat all your tomatoes? Did they infect them with a disease that you still can’t eat them? Maybe you can separate some tomatoes/seeds for them to have easy access leaving the ones for you alone. Maybe they are helping you, and the tomatoes themselves, by spreading their seeds for the future generation. Building a relationship takes time and the desire to listen.

  7. Hi Janaia
    Great interview, and like Susan, I want to know when part 2 is going to be available????

  8. Ed Adamthwaite says:

    Hi Janaia,
    A great interview. Derrick hits the nail on the head with every sentence. I’ve just received a copy of Deep Green Resistance from Lierre Keith and can’t wait to get started on it. Judging by this interview it should be a great read.
    This really is eye-opening stuff, so should be on the curriculum of all secondary schools.

  9. @ Stuart: The long term survival of your species requires that you love them.

  10. What kind of relationship should I have with the birds that pecked holes into the tomatoes in my garden?

  11. When do we get to see Part 2? 🙂

  12. William Garnett says:

    Great Interview! Thank you Peak Moment.


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