How Shall We Live, With the Earth in Crisis? (250)

PM250_560When we actually face what’s happening on the planet, the picture isn’t pretty. Author Carolyn Baker (Speaking Truth To Power) is concerned by rapidly-unfolding climate change, and the fragile Fukushima reactor situation. Systems thinker Dave Pollard (How To Save the World) sees endgames for three inter-related systems—economic, energy and ecology—any one of which could lead to civilizational collapse.

We’re in a predicament we can’t fix, but we can choose how we respond. Carolyn suggests thinking of the Earth community, of which we are a part, as being terminally ill. Take time to reflect on our lives, make amends, and value the time we have. Both guests suggest learning how to live in community, being present for one another. Dave is intrigued to create stories envisioning life in a century or so, stories that can inspire the resolve to directly face these turbulent times. Episode 250. [,].


  1. Dear Maude II –
    Just finished watching Episode 250 and wished I were there with you and Carolyn Baker especially. That fine lady expressed so many of my thoughts and feelings at this time. I’ve been what is being called a “prepper” for the last few years and felt at times that I was overly pessimistic. My children think I am “losing it” with my modest storehouse of basic food and hand equipment, to say nothing of my solar-powered radio and solar oven. At the same time I am trying to warn these same children to “read the writing on the wall” and do some planning for the near future since Fukushima has made beyond that a precarious situation.
    I need to use Carolyn as a model and start writing some of my ideas and feelings down as a guide for those who just might survive the imminent holocausts – financial, environmental, and emotional/familial.

    p.s. At one point in the interview you speak of “indigent families” or so I heard. I think you meant “indigenous families”. Might want to check it out or patch it out.
    Love you!
    Maude I

  2. Robyn ~ GREAT camerawork! Love it! Topic is of course the one close to my heart. We are all in hospice now…Thanks you Janaia, for being right on it with Carolyn and Dave. Ivey/yg3


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