How Many Community Gardens? (198)

pm198_550Having learned “How Much Food Can I Grow Around My House?” (Episode 87), Judy Alexander kept right on going. As chair of the Local 2020 Food Resiliency Action Group in Port Townsend, WA, she helped initiate 25 community gardens in her county within four years. Sitting in her own neighborhood’s garden, she talks about the power of cooperative gardens compared with individual plots. There’s something for people of all ages and skills to do (even non-gardeners), while enjoying learning from one another, and building closer neighbors and a more secure community. Episode 198. []

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  1. Iselin Celestine says:

    Laughing delightedly (and moved) to hear about the different ‘people stories’ – the connections that have/continue to grow out of these community garden endeavors. Reminded that part of permaculture is sharing the abundance. And love that these gardens are those of the “sharing garden” variety in acknowledgment of what Judy mentions about typical long waiting lists for those desiring plots. I greatly appreciate the realization regarding not waiting and learning as we go. Ever more, I continually think about our food supply and how most of us are still relatively unconcerned simply because we are rather unaware how vulnerable it is. As Julia Guerra conveys – if we are not growing our own food, then someone else has to grow it for us. And, this takes energy – for agricultural processes, for storage, transport, etc. Even in an area with a plethora of small farms such as Jefferson County – there are a lot of people to feed. Thus, there could never be too many people learning how to grow/raise food – hence the not waiting. Beautiful hoop house in the background. Judy – you make so many observations about human and other life inter-relations. Both these and your own initiative are absolutely inspiring and uplifting.


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