How Do I Invite You to Grow Food? (153)

PM153_580Jenny Pell’s infectious enthusiasm will sweep you up into creating a future that’s beyond sustainable — to one that’s “additive.” This lively permaculturist suggests that you belong where you live and get (re)connected to your “chain of inputs and outputs”. She invites us to to regain skills, especially in food production, and to participate in creating abundance, which is “the only way forward, the only way for the human family to survive.” Episode 153. []

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  1. I agree with Eric in that it makes sense to act to save resources and one way to do that is to use our backyards to grow food (and of course keep chickens!). Apart from any other consideration there is a huge sense of accomplishment in being able to produce food by your own efforts.

  2. The cause of global warming does not matter.
    The measures necessary because of global warming are the same as the measures to be taken because of peak oil.
    So you don’t have to wait or doubt or research but you can build your self-sufficiency today. As well as your local self-sufficiency, with your neighbours etc.
    Especially because peak oil is not the entire challenge – it’s PEAK EVERYTHING: Oil, gas, coal, uranium, metals, space, agricultural land, soil, humus, potable water, wildlife habitat, nature, carbon sequestering, wood for heating, forests, and above all recognition of the challenge currently unfolding.
    So have fun in action mode: build systems, gardens, stockpiles, skills, knowledge and confidence.

  3. Eric Belsey says:

    I’m saying that there are thousands of credible scientists who reject the idea that human – produced CO2 is causing the climate to change, and they have been all but silenced by a powerful propaganda machine. This propaganda machine is so intense that they have been successful in equating believing in human-caused climate change with credibility. I really recommend looking at the Climategate controversy to better understand how the seeming “consensus” has been carefully manufactured at every step to exclude dissenting voices and prevent a genuine scientific debate. No rational person supports nuclear power, but it will come back again, because it is “climate-neutral.” I’m saying when you accept the global warming meme without question, you help pave the way for nukes.

  4. I don’t see the science/data behind global warming as being questioned by credible scientists. My own experience, and that of many around the world, also confirms the warming trends. Perhaps how much of it is human-caused may be questioned. But the need to reduce carbon levels is critical. The last time we had this level of carbon in the atmosphere (before humans were here), all carbon-sequestering systems failed (oceans, atmosphere, etc.). It took 200,000 years of rock weathering to regain the equilibrium.

    I don’t support nuclear — it too uses far more fossil fuels than reports tend to acknowledge. And it’s questionable whether we even get more energy from it than we put it.

  5. Eric Belsey says:

    Interesting stuff. She went to a trance music festival, a style of music that produces TRANCES, another word for nonordinary states of consciousness, and she criticizes them for being “oblivious?” And, I know it is sacrilege to say it on this site, but the science behind global warming is extremely questionable. The frequently repeated idea that there is no scientific debate is pure propaganda. Just keep in mind that when you repeat the global warming meme, you are asking for nuclear power. Thanks.

  6. Would love to watch this, but am on a tight monthly bandwidth budget and when the limit is reached it’s back to 64kbps for the rest of the month. I used to get your episodes in audio format from global public media, but you don’t seem to have the audio formats anymore? I, for one, miss these.

    Thanks for your show! Lots of great content.

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