Free Geek — Reviving Computers, Empowering People (228)

pm228_620Take a whirlwind tour of Free Geek, powered almost entirely by volunteers. Free Geek keeps electronic stuff out of the landfill while refurbishing computers. “Volunteer for 24 hours, and you get a free computer, a class on how to use it, and a year of free tech support,” says Reuse Coordinator Alison Briggs. Her tour starts with volunteers receiving used equipment donations at the front door. After initial testing, stuff gets deconstructed. Recyclable materials are separated out. Computers are refurbished in a Build Room — even laptops. Finished computers go to volunteers, non-profits, and Free Geek’s thrift shop. They’re living up to their byline: “connecting our community one computer at a time.” (Episode 228). []

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  1. Jhennerose Camellia says:

    Wow – unbelievably impressive!! Is there anything that the “collaborative” folks at Free Geek (haven’t) thought of?? And, per my impression, Alison represents all that FG seeks and strives to offer as a community service…business and educational collective. Shall say it again – “unbelievably impressive.” Thank you, all, for this inspirational example of what a business/volunteer/collective can and should(?) be.

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