Milking “Buttercup” the Cow (327)

“The faster you go in the beginning, the more milk you get. Beginning milkers have a rough time because of this.” Alexandra King, co-owner of Inspiration Farm shows how she milks the family cow, Buttercup. A stall holds the Jersey cow in place while being milked. Alexandra emphasizes super-clean practices because her family enjoys drinking the milk raw — she keeps the animal, the stall, and all implements clean, especially her hands. She chills the milk immediately using frozen ice packs, then places the jars into ice water bins in the farm kitchen refrigerator. From this milk she makes butter, cheese, cheese starter, buttermilk, and cream. Buttercup and Alexandra have their own unique relationship. Contrary to the myth of being up in the wee hours to milk the cow, Alexandra instead has Buttercup trained for 10 am milking. And she has learned which music Buttercup prefers. (She dislikes talk radio). Enjoy the whole process! []

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