Farmer George — Growing Animals Like Grandpa Did, part 2 (287)

pm287_640“We were stunned…We have this little store. People started coming. The kids were autistic. They had Crohn’s disease. He had prostate cancer, she had breast cancer. They sat at the tables and told us their problems — allergies, chemical resistant problems. They said, ‘We came looking for clean food. Here we are.'” Farmer George Vojkovich’s sustainable, organic operations include humane treatment of animals, biodynamic practices, a mobile harvesting unit, local butchers, and sales through farmers markets and their ranch store. He recognizes their products cost more than at a grocery store: “they’re not subsidized by the government, and the work is all labor.” For those on a budget, he advises, “Buy a pound of hamburger. It goes a long ways. It’s got good fat in it — Omega 3 fat.” []

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