Farmer George — Growing Animals Like Grandpa Did, part 1 (286)

pm286_640“Our animals live in the pasture – birds, pigs and cows. Everybody gets to roam free in fresh air and sunlight…not only are they getting the food at its best, but they’re also leaving behind the waste products that rejuvenate that grass and keep the system going.” Farmer George Vojkovich keeps a close eye on his 600 cattle — the grasses they eat, and the soil and microbes that feed the grass. He rotates animals into different areas for grazing, supplements soil with minerals, and breeds only the healthiest animals. Learn about operations at this Pacific Northwest ranch, including egg production, packaging, and distribution of their locally famous products. []

Watch video | Audio | iTunes | Janaia’s journal about our visit to their 2013 farm day: Meet Farmer George and His Pastured Animals

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