Love, Intelligence and Sex — Musings on the Natural World, part 2 (326)

I asked Derrick Jensen whether he believed in God. “I believe in something,” he replied. “There is some animating force or something. Life is so complex and so extraordinary, and even our individual bodies are so extraordinary and complex.” He plies us with examples of extraordinary non-human intelligence: hearts building capillaries around blocked arteries. Forests sending nutrients to trees with limited sunshine. Bacteria and fungi making communal decisions. Plants  that are preyed upon by insects warning their neighbors to put up their chemical defenses. In his latest book The Myth of Human Supremacy, he points out that humans think of art and inventions as only human creations. He asks, “when nature creates something beautiful… is that not a creation? … When we think of the greatest inventions ever — like gunpowder, cotton gin, the plow — I got one that tops all of those easily.” Can you guess his zinger reply?  []

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