Living Each Moment in the Face of Abrupt Climate Change (291)

pm291_640“It’s pretty clear by now the methane gun has been fired in the Arctic ocean, so we’re headed for very abrupt warming. What does that  mean in terms of how we live? I think it means we live with urgency. We live with love. We live passionately.” More people are paying attention when professor emeritus Guy McPherson names recent scientific observations pointing to abrupt climate change in the next few decades. This will quickly reduce habitat for humans and the plants we depend on. The co-author of Extinction Dialogues: How to Live with Death in Mind shares his recent journey in grief recovery work and meditation. A recent visit to the emergency room gave him a chance to share in some gallows humor while being mindful to appreciate each moment. []

Read his frequently-updated Climate Change Summary on Nature Bats Last.

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