Economy, Ecology, Social Equity — Empowering Future Leaders (163)

pm163_561What if future leaders became sensitive to local environmental and social issues before stepping into leadership roles? Tanya Narath describes nine day-long events in the Leadership Institute for Ecology and the Economy’s program: Students visit a watershed for ecological context; tour an organic farm (sustainable agriculture); take a walking tour from which students’ urban design ideas are presented to the mayor; explore social issues like racial injustice, homelessness, and poverty; consider water ecology, local economy, transportation and land use. Episode 163. []

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  1. Iselin Celestine says:

    So gratifying to discover that communities are working in an increasingly interrelated way – from the examples of Portland’s City Repair Project to the presence of Richard Heinberg and other Peak oil/declining resource experts at some of the Leadership Institute’s events. Tanya, you seem an ideal person to be involved in this work – someone whose energy would invite others to participate in kind.

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