Dignity Village – A Community By and For the Homeless, part 2 (224)

PM224_640No violence.
No theft.
No drugs or alcohol.
No constant disruptive behavior.
Everyone must contribute to the village.

While finishing our tour, Jon Hawkes lays out the five agreements residents must abide by, all forged by real-world experience. What would it be like if our entire society followed these rules? Celebrating its tenth anniversary, Dignity Village is an organically evolving, self-organizing intentional community — and a model for others. Episode 224. [dignityvillage.org]

Watch videoAudio | iTunes | Janaia’s journal: Dignity Village: Intentional Community for the Homeless


  1. I wish they could put together a plan or manual so others across the country could do the same in their cities.

    This video was so inspiring… thank you for sharing.

  2. Jhaenerrose says:

    I found this endlessly interesting. Alternating between near-tears and smiles throughout…sometimes both at the same time! Janaia and Robyn – your most heartwarming (and one of the most heartening?) conversation(s) to date…in my opinion. Janaia and Jon Boy were an endearing host team on behalf of Dignity Village.

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