Cultivating a Suburban Foodshed (123)

pm123_640Landscape architect Owen Dell has a vision: transforming suburban neighborhoods into shared “foodsheds” with food-bearing and native plants, and even chickens. Neighbors can start by finding edible plants already growing in their yards, maybe remove fences, plant what works best in each location. Best of all, share the resulting food abundance with one another (“Hey, it’s lemon time. Come and get ’em!”) and build the social network with shared food potlucks. Tour Owen’s own edible landscape yard, including a rooftop container garden complete with visiting cat. Episode 123. [,]

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  1. Owen you rock!!!! Your mission to improve your neighborhood reminds me of The City Repair movement started in Portland. Suburban food sharing is much needed and can be so much fun. Building community and relationships is the ultimate necessity in human survival through the upcoming planetary changes. Thank you for being here and showing the way!

  2. Stuart M. says:

    I wish Owen Dell was my neighbor! I really like his idea of low maintenance gardening. I guess it helps when you have a nice climate, everything seems to grow by itself. Here in Hokkaido there is a big die-off after the first freeze in autumn and greenhouses are a must for protecting seedlings in the springtime.


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