Corporate Couple Become Permaculture Activists (143)

pm143_580Asking “wouldn’t it be wonderful if our city could feed itself?” Joe Leitch ponders everybody in Portland planting a chestnut tree. Pam Leitch relates how they both left the corporate world after reading the book “Your Money or Your Life”. As educators on sustainability and resource depletion, permaculture and social justice, they soon learned of Peak Oil. Pam initiated bringing a Peak Oil resolution to the Portland City Council, who passed it unanimously in 2006 and set up a citizen task force to make recommendations for city action. See a bit of the permaculture farm Pam and Joe are creating in residential Portland, cultivating fruit trees, vegetables and compost, rainwater catchment, and innovative neighborhood cooperation. If every city were full of such projects, maybe they really could feed themselves! Episode 143. []

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  1. It’s great to see people standing up to the corporate teamplayer machine by walking away from it.

    The more people who do this, the weaker the power of the corporations.


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