Climate Change Despair and Empowerment – A Roadshow from “Down Under”

PM77_622After summarizing the facts of deepening global climate chaos, New Zealander Kelly Tudhope notes that our psychological response is often overlooked. Feeling powerless, many people stay in denial. But if we acknowledge our feelings, we can find empowerment arising from our hopelessness. Kelly identifies “false solutions”, which are forms of business-as-usual, in contrast to “true solutions”, which ask us to change our behavior. Episode 77. []

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  1. Jeffrey Allen says:

    I am full of gratitude for pioneers such as Janaia and Kelly. Indeed, empowerment begins and ends within! These times we are living in call for the most we have to offer, so we must dealve deeply both within and without. In time, with earnest effort, our course will be redirected and harmony will be reached.

    Yet, as with most life processes, destruction is necessary in order to further creation, for things must wither and fall away so that there is room for others to sprout and reach for the light. By no means is this an excuse for humanity to continually dominate and destroy life, rather there are certain cultural mores and conditioning that must wither in order for a new perspective, a new paradigm, to be employed.

    Thank you for Peak Moment Television and for a vision full of hope and positive ideas for our future.

    May we all hold all Life sacred!

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