Brookside Farm – Growing Food, Growing Energy

PM62_640Take a whirlwind tour of the one-acre Brookside Energy Farm with Jason Bradford and Christoffer Hansen at planting time. Along with perennials, annuals, a food forest, and dryland crops (grains), they’re growing Jerusalem artichoke and dale sorghum to produce both food and energy (ethanol). Watch Chris cut sod with a Swiss glaser hoe — a 1/6 horsepower guy! Episode 62. []


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  1. Iselin Celestine says:

    This is a thrilling episode to watch coming on the heels of last night’s viewing: Smith and Speed Mercantile. After 3 shows in as many nights about tools, I am now convinced. The (right) tools are indeed fun! Infectious energy and a wealth of educational information offered by Jason and Christoffer. An impressive and extensively thought-out endeavor. I lived for a while in this area and had no idea that such a treasure existed – would have loved to pick up a shovel. Or jump on a broadfork:) Yet another PM that I am delighted to forward to friends and family.

  2. A YouTube viewer asked for the recipe for compost tea mentioned in this program. Permaculturist Cathe’ Fish has sent this url:

    Cathe’ is a dynamic permaculture teacher in Nevada City, California. Her site is, and it’s loaded with terrific resources. We just completed a two-day Introduction to Permaculture Intensive with her–it was intensive, broad in scope, very practical, and even hands-on. Highly recommended!

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