Bringing the Wealth Home – intelligent Design at InishOge Farm (301)


“We had a different notion of real wealth…we converted [our paper money] wealth into this land and home,” says Steve Unger. Mary Coll adds that they’re storing wealth in their knowledge, and by building a low-tech handmade house with no need for outside “experts” for maintenance. With their children Chloe and Finn, we tour the cob house under construction at Inishoge Farm in Sooke, BC, Canada. On the south side, heat from the summer sun is stored in rocks underground, which release heat slowly through winter (called annualized geo-solar heating). On the north side, walls are insulated to prevent heat loss, and there’s even a cool room (like a cold cellar). Chloe and Finn show us the cob oven and their favorite under-the-stairs room. Watch the whole episode to enjoy the blooper at the end! [,]

Watch video | Audio | iTunes | Janaia’s journal: InishOge Farm – Storing Warmth and Real Wealth

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