Awakening the Village Heart and Mind (206)

From their “Zero Mile Meal Eatery” to zoning and financing innovations, O.U.R. Ecovillage in BC, Canada has paved the way for many communities worldwide. For Brandy Gallagher, the story on the planet right now could be a shared ethos of caring: “Everyone is fed. Everyone is taken care of.” Asserting that “No is just an uneducated Yes,” Brandy shows how a village mindset can transform individuals, preserve land, reduce resource use, apply permaculture principles, change laws, and even the way money works. Episode 206. []

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  1. Janaia, thanks for this interview!
    Brandy – its so cool to see what you’ve been up to.
    I visited in 2005 and I was impressed then. And now to see what the community is up to… it’s so perfectly beautiful. I hope to get up there again soon. Be well. In Peace, Ellen Hopkins

  2. Ed Adamthwaite says:

    Hi Janaia & Robyn,
    An interview to be very proud of. Brandy explains it all very succinctly and with conviction. This is what society should be moving toward.
    BTW, it’s

  3. Michael Goodman says:

    Dear Our,

    Great stuff that you are living your dream and proving the impossible.
    Look forward to seeing things develop.

    Warmest regards,
    Michael Goodman
    Founding Director,

  4. We are looking to start an Eco village on the 38 acres next door to our lodge/retreat center near Golden BC. So any info you could share would be greatly appreciated IE.Investor logistics


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