An Experiment in Back Yard Sustainability

pm51_150.jpgTour Scott McGuire’s “White Sage Gardens” in the back yard of his rental home — a demonstration site for suburban sustainability. He ponders, “How might a household produce and preserve a significant portion of its own food supply?” Composting, a water-conserving greenhouse, and seed-saving are all facets of this beautiful work in progress. []


  1. Scott didn’t mention how he uses principles from Findhorn and Anastasia (Ringing Cedars series) to prepare his garden. These principles can make all the difference, especially in a first year garden with soils that have been abused or neglected for a while.

    This video has renewed my hopes for gardening! I lived in the same place for twenty years and had edible landscaping throughout my yard. When I lost my home in the foreclosure crisis I had to move frequently, and gave up hope of growing my own food. This video proves that we can do it! Thank you <3

  2. As a life long native plant lover and gardener I LOVE what you’re doing with Peak Moments, your video’s are so well done that even a newbie can get started right away. Thank you, keep up the GREAT work!

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