An Eco-Sense House – Natural Building, Natural Living (230)

pm230_620The Eco-Sense House is alive! From dream (see episode 103) to reality. Its curving cob walls embrace Ann and Gord Baird’s three-generation family. A living roof offers summer cooling and filters winter rains stored for garden water. The composting toilet provides rich soil for the veggie gardens, which supply much of the family’s food. This “net zero energy” house uses the sun for electricity, hot water, and warm floors. Tour this small-footprint house, designed as part of the ecosystem surrounding it. Episode 230. []

Also watch Building an Ecologically Sensible Home, when Ann and Gord were planning this house (episode 103).

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  1. Br. Curt Beardsley says:

    What a thrill it is to see an update on what this wonderful couple has accomplished! Their home is a perfect example of what can be accomplished to help save our Mother Earth. I am looking forward to any more follow-up visits you will be making.


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