A Locavores’ Potluck (257)

pm257_933We attended a delicious potluck dinner from foods produced around Victoria, Vancouver Island, B.C. Too bad you can’t taste this video — it was a locavore’s delight! Small-scale food producers brought fresh-caught salmon, pastured pork and lamb, eggs, winter squashes, jerusalem artichoke purée, and fermented vegetables. We talked about producing food in their region: using animals to clear brush, water storage, and creating edible food landscapes on residential parcels. Sadly, land is financially out of reach for many would-be small farmers. (A locavore eats mostly local food). Episode 257.

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  1. Thanks for the video! One more thing to note is that you are what you eat, when you eat where you are, you are where you are. This is grounding and a real connection to our Mother Earth. The Wesanec people people have been here since time immemorial and they still are. That’s why this place is so special. When we eat from here, we become from here. So this potluck is called Salish foods potluck. I see benifits in using names of distinguishing characteristics for naming land, and drawbacks to using the names of colonial explorers. This also applies to the creation of international borders and how the Salish area is our home regardless of the separation imposed on us by political powers.
    Thanks again to Peak Moment for great discussion!

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